Ten Tips to Take Life Back

Routine. Love it or hate it, it encourages progress, provides security, and may even be the secret to achieving the seemingly impossible (like my summer diet).

But sometimes, when you’re taking the train home from work, or having a morning shower, or even feeding the cat, a moment will strike, where you can almost see yourself spinning in a loop, thinking inevitably: “Here I am again”. 

You can’t quite figure out how this morning’s shower isn’t a continuation of last morning’s shower, or even the one before that, as you ponder how time’s melding, intertwining character can be so enormous, yet leave you feeling trapped on the not-so-merry-go-round.   

Slowing Down Time 

If this ‘looping’ phenomenon leaves you in a panic, don’t worry, we all feel it now and again!We’re here to inspire you to once in a while break free of the cycle.By looking at life differently with these ten tricks, you can slow time down and make it yours again. 


1 - Make a List 

If you’re wondering where the time is going, a solution may be as simple as spending more time doing what you love. Perhaps easier than it sounds, but if you write down 10 things you love to do, and then see in the week how many of those things you actually did, it will highlight where to spend some hours doing what makes you happy, and to get away from the routine. 


2 - Go Outside in the Morning 

Even if you don’t fancy a run, or absolutely hate the idea of exercise in the morning, try getting everything ready the night before, and wake up 30 minutes early. (Or just don’t hit snooze). Once or twice a week, simply sit and enjoy the world at a slower pace by putting aside thoughts and just breathing. You’ll find there’s something magical about the cooler morning air, and the relative quiet compared to the day’s hustle and bustle will set you up for a much better day. 


3 - Avoid the Social Mirror 

We’re all behind the power of social media, it’s made things easier, faster and more efficient. It does however come with some pretty risky habits if you aren’t careful, a big one the constant reminder that people are having a better time than you. First off, that’s probably not true, since you only get to see their highlight reel, and few friends glorify their day-to-day struggles, (shockingly similar to the ones you’re tired of dealing with). 

So when you’re tempted to trawl through profiles and stalk activities, stop and remember being happy is about enjoying the way you live, not how others spend theirs. You’ll free up some time, slow down the anxious need to show off your life, and can maybe even savor the smaller happenings of the day. 

4 - Schedule Fun 

Sounds boring right. Wrong! Instead of yearning and wondering when you’ll next get to really enjoy yourself, desperately waiting for the weekend away from the sorrows of daily-grind life, plan a bunch of fun activities for the future. Next week, next month or even next year, having something to look forward to is incredible for your well-being, saving sanity when you’re stuck in the mud of repetition. 
5 - Be a Kid Again 

Parents spend countless hours planning and organising playdates for their children, so why shouldn’t you plan one for yourself! Get friends together and try some activities where you really get to play again! Book a day at crazy golf, bounce around a trampoline park, go rollerblading, build a sandcastle. Get dirty, get sweaty, and don’t forget to laugh loud and as carefree as you did as a five year old.  

6 - Paint 

If you don’t know who Bob Ross is yet, now you do. Apart from the literal joy of painting, it’s fun to pick up new skills that require you to be in the physical space needed for activities, beyond your phone or keyboard. Even if you can’t get a canvas and a fancy stand, bust out those water colours, get some drawing paper and be creative.  


7 - Be Kind and Help Others 

We often think of life as Me vs the World. Everything from the toaster to the photocopier is conspiring against you, and you’re fed up with the injustice. One great and easy way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to stop feeling sorry for yourself! Take stock and consider how much easier you may have it than your fellow neighbour, then go help them! 

Beyond studies that prove doing good for others makes us feel good, it means those in need can get some help, kindness and much needed love. And who knows, if you’re one day on the other end of fortune’s stick, you can graciously accept some kindness offered to you.  

8 - Eat Without a Screen 

Lunch break during the working week can feel like the only respite in an 8 hour shift, and it’s tempting to squeeze as much out of those precious minutes doing what you want to do, instead of what you ought to do. This often involves throwing up a favourite youtube channel, netflix show, or whatever vids are left on your phone, balancing it on something as you eat, trying to avoid puddles of sauce. 

Instead, leave your phone in your bag or pocket, and pay attention to the food. Somebody spent time creating your meal, (even if it is just fried chicken again), so show the food the respect it deserves. You’ll quickly find a new appreciation for the smells, flavours of overall joy in the lost ritual of eating.    
9 - Let Go 

Sometimes, no matter how inconvenient, or poorly timed, you just can’t fix a problem. You can count the long bus queue ahead of you with a growing dread that you’re going to have to wait for the next one, but it won’t change much. Just try to accept that right now, no amount of worrying or fretting will help. Naturally, try not to repeat the same tomorrow or be late, but if you’re in the moment and can’t do anything about it, let go. 

10 - Really, Just Stay Away From Your Phone! 

The irony isn’t lost! We know the chances of you being on a smartphone right now reading this is 50/50, but that doesn’t make it bad advice! There are countless studies from people much more professional than us regarding your health and mobile phone habits, but we see it simply: Even with the depth of information and entertainment, you are still squinting into a 5.8 inch rectangle. Nature has a much wider window, waiting to welcome you back. So just look up, take a few blinks, and embrace the old WWW (World Wide Window).