NOVE Fanatics

We believe the best engineering practices are necessary to maintain the highest quality, but we also firmly believe that expression is the real drive behind why we do it. The reason people select one style over another is the core of what makes NOVE special.

We know that style ≠ static, and that the fluid nature of expression and desire define our humanity. We want to represent that in our watches. You get to decide whether they are luxury, practical, goofy, stylish or trendy, we’re simply proud to be watchmakers founded on a bedrock of talent, of people who appreciate contemporary designs engineered with precision. Operating as an experienced team of acclaimed designers, through a high quality of workmanship we strive to create timepieces that exhibit the best in usability, durability and versatility.

The signature appeal across the NOVE collection is an admiration for craftsmanship, in enjoying the highest quality components and benefiting from decades of experience from people who share a passion beyond mere function. Affordable yet not cheaply made, you will find joy in the finest details of each NOVE watch, all unique in a landscape of corner-cutting and copy-pasting. 

NOVE aim to create sophisticated modern timepieces that cultivate pure time, time for those who want control in life.


The Streamliner case design is inspired by the Art Deco movement uses contours that remind us of the aerodynamic shapes of cars and trains during this period, it simply flows through the wrist.

What design would inspire wearer to stop and reflect with every glance? Circles. They're complete, which is what we all strive to be and they're never ending, just like our possibilities.

The Sapphire Crystal is enclosed in a 316L Stainless-steel case to ensure maximum water resistance while maintaining a slim profile.

The Streamliners thickness is 6.7mm capable of 100 meters water resistance to be exact.


The engineering in this watch is one of precision: the hands within the dial were measured not in MM but in C (1mm = 100c) some of the spaces between the hands measure a mere 10c, impressive considering the hands were hand assembled.

The removal of lugs allows flexibility & comfort on the wrist, and its bi color strap ensures you can see the fun from all angles.

Finally all the Swiss parts, assembly & quality control bring it all together and ensures you can enjoy your Streamliner for years to come.

Versatile, slim, sophisticated and ready for any occasion, take your Streamliner anywhere and feel at home.


The Rocketeer was designed after the astronauts that changed this world, the Rocketeer aims to do the same.

Its slim design and geometric contours are made possible with 316L Stainless-steel making the Rocketeer truly a sight to behold as its different finishes elevates the premium feel to the next level.

The Rocketeers body chamfers produce depth in the surfaces which create its slim visual impression.

The Super-LumiNova used in the hands allows the Rocketeer to be just as beautiful at night.

The beautiful polish finish, enriches the class of the design.


Rocketeer - designed to wear for any occasion with changeable straps from its solid bracelet to leather or silicon.


A reinvented diver watch, withstanding the pressures of water yet feeling like air on your wrist.  As the world's slimmest diver watch, Trident has rejuvenated a classic design with the new look.

At only 6.8 mm thickness with 660 feet / 200 meters water resistance, we are proud of our design and engineering feet.  Our mechanism rotates the bezel isn't like the usual wired rotation system.  The significant three lever stoppers with the gear teeth inspired its name, due to its resemblance to Poseidon's Trident.

We ensured the bezel only rotates left, a fail-safe for divers and to provide accurate dive time.  Smaller dial opening and exposed bezel allow slimmer Sapphire crystal, furthering reduce the watch thickness.


An astonishing 6.8 mm thickness by engineering the chamfers at 45 degree.

Every detail of the Trident has been careful mapped out to ensure that it can perform at greatest level when diving;  The screw-down crown provides further waterproof protection.

We used the highest quality of buckle systems, the beautiful and extra secure butterfly clasp.  Both sides must be pressed to release the clasp.


Trident - an intelligent design on the world's slimmest diver watch.


Inspired by architectural beauty & complex engineering structures, the Craftsman encourages you to be the architect in your own life.

With a complex architectural structure itself, multi-layered case body with the combination of ebony wood and 316L stainless steel.


Ebony wood is well-known for its density and ability to sink as well as the smooth finishing after polished.

Perfect blend between the ebony wood case body, bezel and stainless-steel chassis become the base for the strap attachment, our beautiful Swiss bottom-press movement which is patented by NOVE has been embedded into the Craftsman for greater simplicity towards a complex design.  It also resembles the bank vault door creating a unique look.

The Craftsman - A complex design for a simple solution.