Field & Outdoor Watches for Men and Women

You can wear all NOVE watches outdoors, thanks to a sturdy case build and choice of high-quality raw materials

Watches to Go Exploring In

We make watches for people who want to wear contemporary designs, and to see the world in them. 

NOVE strives to use materials and processes that ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship, from hand selecting each individual piece of wood, to hand polishing every brushed and reflective surface, and by carefully placing every component by hand to ensure you have the best available outdoor watch.   

Quality You Can Always Rely On

The reliability, longevity and affordability of our watches make every purchase fantastic value for the customer, whether purchased as a collector or as a gift.

To meet the rigorous demands of customer satisfaction, we are determined not to curtail standards by ever downgrading materials, and will always use high caliber components that will withstand the elements.

White and Green Streamliner wrapped around a bamboo tree
Rocketeer on the ground
Trident on an outdoor wall