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Dress Watches for Men and Women

NOVE watches are designed without traditional gender labels in mind, so every watch can be worn comfortably by both men and women.

MEN's Dress Watches 

NOVE create beautiful watches to match any sophisticated outfit, whether attending a grand ball or an annual office party, any gentleman wearing a NOVE design can move with confidence and pride that they are sporting a piece of craftsmanship. 

Women's Dress Watches 

The quality of material, workmanship, and unique designs entice wearers to our elegant watches. As a dress watch, any of thefour in the collection can be worn with grace and refinement in any formal setting or to match a dazzling dress.

Dressing Time in Beautiful Designs

With the philosophy that time is ours for the taking, our watches remind wearers to relax, slow down and reflect. They are more about telling the time, but to connect people through the idea that our lives are beautiful in themselves, and worth the dedication in creating and wearing quality accessories.