A Staple !

This watch is extremely good quality and will be a company I will forever be invested in. From their packaging to the personalised sellotape and the case the watch comes in, I can only say it’s most definitely worth the money. The feel of the watch is an excellent weight and the visual often turns heads in its unique blue colour. The Blue Trident is now a staple in my fashion, especially for business attire and has been greatly admired by members of my diving club.


Excellent Company

This is my Second Nove Watch and I am very Pleased with this Company and Their Quality - The customer Service is Top Notch.

Dave C.

Simply stunning

Solid Swiss quality combined with a stunning design. Super cool dive watch for men with larger wrists. One thing I don't like: The only way to change the size of the bracelet is to add or remove links. A butterfly clasp is probably not the best solution for a dive watch. Although this one looks pretty and does its job perfectly.

Guido B


Came in a cool case with a lovely note from NOVE! High quality feel for the price, and the finish has a really nice shine to it.


Eye Catching Style and Elegant Simplicity

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Nove Rocketeer and this is my personal favorite colorway. I have a detailed YouTube review addressing all elements of the watch if you're on the fence: https://youtu.be/q7kGSK28i5M

Jonathan I.

Sleek, Stylish and Comfortable Watch

First of all, the shipping was timely, arrived far quicker than I expected it to - came home to the package way in advance of the expected date!

Upon opening, I was pleasantly surprised with the case. Many times with my purchases I immediately throw away, or never use the case, as they are of poor quality, but with this case it is definitely one worth keeping a hold of, for storage or travel (if you're not wearing the watch constantly of course!).

The case itself is lined with 3 layers of foam, one which the watch wraps around, and two additional concentric layers of foam which ensure the watch is at little risk from any damage but being run over by a truck. I did find the foam would occasionally catch on the other foam layers upon removing the watch from it's case and pull out slightly, but that is a miniscule annoyance for the safety that's provided. Additionally, the case contains registration instructions for the warranty, attached to the easy-to-understand user manual.

The watch itself is jaw-dropping to look at. The ebony on my watch is smooth and has beautiful grain, and the way the steel is polished, and framed around it, is tasteful and elegant. The watchface itself is minimalist and sleek, and the fact that there is no second-tracking hand is a bonus for me, as they drive me insane with the constant ticking! The case is of a good size; large, but not overly heavy or ostentatious. Feels like wearing a piece of art. I appreciate the unique back push-to-set design as well, as I find manually twisting a tiny knob tedious with large hands, and it's a simple pleasure to watch (if you'll excuse the pun) the hands drifting round.

Not much to say about the wrist-strap, except that it is comfortable, does not come loose once fastened, and looks complimentary to the watch itself.

Would definitely recommend to anyone in search of a minimal but elegant analog watch.

Jake Wild

Art Deco

Super quality and very Art Deco, very good price point too.

 Amazon Customer

Great Watch

Came in more than week prior to estates arrival.

Amazon Customer

Amazingly amazing

By far the best watch that has touched my wrist. More than described, exceptional. Oh mine I luv it. I will definitely refer a friend thousand times!

Isdore N.

I love it.

A stylish Swiss watch is really cool.

Yu S.

Great Design

The Streamliner is a great watch

Quentin M Puckette

Service was excellent

It’s a nice product which is well made . Would like to see a numbered dial version I feel that this would be more suitable for men .

 Brian M.

Very nice watch!

A beautiful well made watch

 Alexander B.

Watch is heavy but worth its weight

Love the watch style very unique.

 Benjamin Hayon

Black tie or wreck dive...

I collect high end mechanicals and I must say this watch has some features that caught my attention.

So slim yet it has a beautiful feel, couple that with one of the most interesting bezel systems I’ve seen and 200M water resistance, sapphire crystal and screw down crown, 6 year battery life on the Ronda Slimtech and wow!!! It’s a winner for sure from the ocean to a high end restaurant it’s functional.


Wouldn’t buy another watch

The watch came with a very sold case for good protection. I opened it up and didn’t expect what I got... a very nice light weight watch with extra straps, a very high quality rubber plastic type one, stainless steel which is very nice and smart and a leather one which is also very smart.

Matthew rowe

 Nove Rocketeer men's watch

Love the look, sleek style. But the price was a little high for such a simple design. Anyway looks = good.

 Tucson Julz

You get your moneys worth

It’s a nice watch I like it’s big

 Kenny lauber

Great watch

Nice watch... my color choice is only reason it gets four stars. I don’t think the all black is the best color for this watch. However, as a watch, it’s wonderful. Hasn’t had issues with losing time at all since I’ve had it. It’s heavy, and looks great.


Worth it

Very good quality watch, worth it 👌

Imran Mateen

Smart looking watch and well protected in delivery

I ordered this about a week ago and that’s pretty quick in my opinion. Came fully protected in a suitable box. Opening the watch case is good easy zip and then once in the watch is well protected by 3 layers of foam. The quality of finish is of a high standard and the strap is comfy and the watch is easy to put on (doesn’t feel like you need 4 hands to put on like other watches) I 100% will be ordering again. Thank you for making my day a lot better guys

David Rowe

Good watch‼︎

Despite its slim appearance, it was surprisingly slightly heavy, and I immediately thought it was a good watch.

Amazon Customer

Very thin package

The package is very thin and fits my arm. I can work without being aware of the package. I also liked the design. I want to use it for a long time.


 Great watch for all sports

Very nice sleek design. Can’t wait to go scuba diving on my next trip.

Amazon Customer

My Nove Watch

I am So pleased with This watch and This Company This watch has moved to the Top of my collection Swiss Movement - Great quality - I will be buying more Nove Watches.

Masashi I.

Beautiful Watch

I have had the blue Trident watch with the black face variation for a few months now and absolutely love it. The watch is unique, well made and surprisingly solid for a watch so thin. My only complaint is that the clasp has a tendency to open as it seems the clasp mechanism isn’t as tight as it could be. Otherwise this is a great watch. Hoping that you come up with more unique designs in the future, perhaps adding some automatics and/or chronograph style watches to the collection.


Good design and good fit

Good design and good fit although my wrist is quite thin. Looking forward to diving, surfing next summer.

Yoichi S.

 Beautiful watch

Bought this watch for my husband for Christmas and he loves it. It’s beautiful and high quality. Packaging is weird but otherwise highly recommend it.

 Jenna Famular


It's bold.

Mavisha Fashion

 thin & trim

Great clean look !


Nice design

Husband loves it! Especially loves the slim profile.

Christina Waymire

Looks very unique and unisex

Love the watch, flat to the wrist ,beautiful design and quality, good value for the price.


"We’re so grateful to have you join our NOVE family! Thank you so much for your support and trust in us! We’re looking forward to having more of you join and some of you returning!” 

Tiffany Meerovitsch

CEO, Founder of NOVE