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Founded in 2015, NOVE is reinventing the trade of timepiece design through innovation and individuality. With an eye on the future and reverence towards the history of craftsmanship Switzerland is known for, our mission is to create beautiful watches that are durable, extraordinary, and functional, but also unbound to any one specific look or lifestyle. 

Welcome To The NOVIST Life

NOVE is a boutique watchmaker of Swiss Made Watches. We make watches for those who value time and appreciate contemporary design.

Time is constant, but how we encase and present it reflects our individuality, style, and passion. Our iconic and registered dial will always be at the heart of our watches and our philosophy, a signature of our ideals. Admire the calm face of minimalism and be reminded to slow down. 

Rejuvenate your body and mind. Without a second hand, we can forget that life has to be measured, and a clean dial allows you to see the purity of time.


Our lifestyle curbs the high-speed electronic realities of today, our aim is to take time back and detox from our fast paced world.

Remember the joys of life, embrace the charms of the present. 


Empowering the idea that living in time is more meaningful than telling it, our vision is to remind everyone about the excitement of life, to remember to enjoy the charms of the present. So we eliminated the second hand. It's hard enough to have life measured in minutes, we figure.

NOVE STANDS FOR New ‧ Fresh ‧ Young ‧ Unusual ‧ Extraordinary