The NOVE Atlantean. Automatic. Precise.

The latest in the line of NOVE professional dive watches, Atlantean just changed the game. 

Multiple components engineered and layered to produce a contrasting and attractive finish, create a timepiece that is perfect on land and at sea.

Steely lines and curves frame a deep and rich abalone dial to create a sense of mystique as eternal as its namesake. 

The Atlantean, known for advanced technology, appreciation of purpose and mythic sophistication, now in a finely crafted Swiss timepiece, created to take you to new depths. 

Inspired by the civilization of Atlantis, lost but never forgotten, eternal in its legend and known the world over, NOVE Atlantean is resistant to pressure up to 30atm, allowing it to descend to 3x the dive watch standard. A rigorously engineered case design protects high quality sapphire crystals and Swiss inner workings at depths up to 300 m (990 feet). 

Reaching new depth 

Super Luminova technology on the indexes, bezel, and hands produces a vibrant and luminous glow, providing the Atlantean with long lasting visibility in even the darkest conditions. 

Perfect for deep dives, the luminescent coating makes counting the minutes easy, at every stage of the adventure. 

Like a true Atlantean, NOVE breaks from tradition, setting bold indexes along an inner ring of the bezel, surrounding a unique locking inner dive bezel design for easier reading. The dive bezel’s innovative latch lock and seal mechanism protects against accidental changes due to nudging. 

Indexes fixed on the mid-ring of the main bezel frame an interior locking dive bezel. Featuring the first 20 minute markers, the Atlantean dive bezel features a latch key design reminiscent of the classic deep sea diver helmet pressure seal latch. Opening the latch on the case side frees the dive bezel movement for alignment to the main bezel index. Once closed, the dive bezel is locked and secure. With the counter set, get ready to dive to depths of 990 feet. 

NOVE Atlantean once again raises the bar, celebrating the seas’ most profound and eternal beauty with a bold reflective abalone dial, situated in a cool steel case, producing a deep dive watch as vibrant and eternal as the civilization that inspired its breakthrough design. Elegant and stylish luxury in a fine Swiss timepiece, with the power to take you to new and unexpected depths. Atlantean. As eternal as the sea itself.